We DoOneThing

(Well, two things actually)

We help people buy and sell creative businesses to the right partner at the right time.

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We work with

  1. Music labels, management and festivals.
  2. Digital, advertising and design agencies.
  3. Film and television production houses.
  4. Other creative and technology businesses.

Why use us to sell your business?

Here are just a few reasons...

  1. 01.Network

    Don’t say yes to an unsolicited offer when we can leverage our networks to get you the best deal possible.

  2. 02.Experience

    We have seen inside countless creative businesses and many deals so we know how to best position your business to make it enticing and how to best structure a deal for you.

  3. 03.Protect value

    Trying to manage a deal yourself takes you away from running a profitable business which can impact on the valuation you receive when the deal closes.

  4. 04.Time

    Selling your business is far more time consuming than people expect - let us manage the entire deal including your other advisors.

  5. 05.Perspective

    We want the best outcome for you but are not personally involved so we’re able to stay calm, commercial and pragmatic to get you the right outcome.

  6. 06.Support

    This can be a stressful and emotional time. From day one right through to the end of your earn out period, we’ll be there to offer you advice and support.

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