Our core service is helping creative business owners realise the value they have created in their business by selling it to the right partner at the right time. 


What does selling a business entail? Here’s how we work to make the process smooth and maximise value.

  1. 01.Engagement

    We’ll take a deep dive into your business and discuss initial ideas around deal structure and valuation.

  2. 02.Strategy

    We’ll work together to position your business in a way that is enticing to a potential buyer.

  3. 03.Marketing

    We’ll approach a range of suitable buyers and arrange for you to meet with interested parties to find the right fit.

  4. 04.Deal

    We’ll negotiate and facilitate the deal itself. This will include coordinating your other advisors and keeping the deal on schedule.

  5. 05.Support

    After the deal has closed we’ll be in regular contact to ensure the transition goes smoothly and work with you to secure all future earnout entitlements.

Health Check

Not ready to sell? You might be interested in our health check service. We’ll review your business and provide guidance on value as well as areas for improvement so you can increase your valuation by the time you are ready to sell. We can also advise on the best type of deal for you and your business as well as timing for when it makes sense to go to market.


Looking to grow by acquisition? We’re also able to help those businesses looking to grow rather than sell. We’ll partner with you to understand exactly what your needs are before approaching approved businesses for acquisition. We only work with creative businesses and we have extensive networks, so we can identify the right acquisition prospects for you. We will take the lead on the entire deal, liaising with the seller, your lawyer and your accountant. We will also be there after the deal to make sure everything plays out just how it should.

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